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Bread – 1st attempt!

I’ve always been nervous to make bread, even though it’s probably one of my favorite things on earth. Maybe because its one of my favorite things on earth.

I’ve had my Kitchen Aid stand mixer for almost a year now and I love it. I failed in an epic fashion with my first round of pizza dough (it was WAY too thick), so I think that may have delayed my bread-making attempts. Also, I kept thinking of making an artisan boule (which will definitely be happening this fall or winter), but every time I thought to make the bread, the dough would have had either too little or too much time to sit and wait for its time in the sun…well, oven.

Anyway, I found this really yummy sounding farmhouse bread recipe on Pinterest, but it didn’t sound like it would translate well using the mixer. I don’t mean that to sound lazy, since I’m honestly not; I do almost all of my knife work by hand and not with a Cuisinart. The appeal of the mixer when it comes to dough is that it is just so evenly mixed. At any rate, I decided to just use the recipe in the book that came with the Kitchen Aid (except I used whole milk) and see how that worked out.

It seems to have worked out pretty well – tastes yummy, makes great toast and PB & J. I’m excited to try grilled cheese! Yum.

And bonus…I finally know why the cinnamon raisin bread has those swirls in it!


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