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Pickles, Preserves, & Pie Festival 2017 Lincolnville, ME.

Well folks, I had a great time yesterday morning at the 2nd Annual Lincolnville Business Group’s Pickles, Preserves and Pie festival! What a gorgeous spot to meet some new people and set up a tasting.

I brought what I thought were enough jars and sold them all! I mean, I think my jams are yummy, but today they got some nice compliments from the general public and I can’t say enough how grateful I am for that kind of support.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and purchased the jams and to the judges who decided my Spicy Thai Basil Raspberry preserve was good enough to win me the 1st Place Pickle and Crown! For anyone who left their contact information with me, I’ll be in touch very soon. For now, I guess it’s time to make more =) I will be experimenting with some apple jellies and chutney as well, just in time for late Fall.

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