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Catch Phrase – Best Game Ever?


Catch Phrase (the electronic version) is quite possibly one of the greatest family games ever created. It’s basically charades with a timer and all of the phrases you could possibly use. And all of that built into a handheld device about the size of a sandwich plate.

What does that mean?

It means that you don’t spend days waiting for someone to come up with a movie or book title. You know your 8-year old is going to pick The BFG or Pirates of the Caribbean for the 603rd time, anyway.

It also means that you really have to use your imagination because I’m pretty sure that no one under the age of 83 has used a LOT of the phrases that populate. Mr. A definitely has not heard many of them, so he has to use what he does know to get people to guess what he is acting out. So do the rest of us for that matter.

Some of the phrases are easy. Others are really difficult. We don’t usually compete, although there are two team buzzers that you can use to keep score on the handheld. It’s honestly more fun just to take turns and it makes it so that you don’t need at least 4 players.

Game Info: Hasbro Gaming, Ages 12+, 2 teams, several versions available.

I would say age varies by child, but Mr. A has been playing since 9 (maybe 8…time does fly). Since it is a great way to learn new vocabulary (and phrases that haven’t been used since the 1950s) and how to think outside the box, I don’t see why the game isn’t recommended for younger than 12 on the box*.

*I did see an uncensored version of the game for sale. That is not the version we have. That one is rated ADULT. I don’t foresee myself letting Mr. A play that version any time soon.


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