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Why Not Go to the Beach in the Snow!

I really enjoy going along on field trips and volunteering at school. It gives me a glimpse into the place where Mr. A spends almost 1/3 of his life and I get to spend some extra time in his life. They are also usually pretty cool.

Except today, which was not cool, just really cold. Today was not fun – it was a trip to get water samples at the local beach. Today was also about 15 degrees, windy (so let’s say an even 0 degrees), and snowing… And we went to the water. After about 3 ½ minutes, I could no longer feel my legs. After 7 minutes, I could no longer feel my face. Even with ski gloves on, my fingertips barely registered sensation beyond pain. So sorry, but that means no photos of people getting blown away on the beach for you to laugh at.

What is pretty awesome is why the kids were there in the first place. They were collecting water samples in order to track how many microscopic (and giant) plastic particles are floating around in the ocean. They are very concerned about the environment, as well they should be. It is in big trouble. This afternoon coincided very nicely with the TED Talk I received by text this morning, discussing Social Plastic and The Plastic Bank.

I will make Mr. A do some research to bring to his classroom on Social Plastic since he is currently also in big trouble. He was the only kid who didn’t wear his boots OR his snowpants to the beach.

All I know is that next time I go to the beach in a snowstorm (I live in Maine, ergo, there will be a next time) I will be wearing snowpants.

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