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Daily Prompt

Fashioning a Premonition

Back between the summers of 2000 and 2001, I worked in Boston, in one of ...
Daily Prompt

Suspiciously short

Suspicious, she suspends stealthy spyware, secretly scouting someone’s secret spaces. So? She said. Suspicious
Daily Prompt

Lecture for a Lecher

Please, mister, stop peering at my crossed legs. I can see you watching me through ...
Daily Prompt

The middle of a story, conjured

The water in the deep cave rippled, tiny distortions on its surface that no one ...
Daily Prompt

Keanu Reeves is Johnny Mnemonic

I can’t stop thinking of Keanu Reeves and the future. I’m sure I’m supposed to ...

Jewels of Mid-Coast, ME – Rockland

Rockland, Maine is one of those big towns or tiny cities that are smaller in ...
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The wind blew slightly less cold today than yesterday. The sun’s rays beamed down to ...
Daily Prompt


I would like to simplify my life. It should be easy, right, considering that the ...

Jewels of Mid-Coast, ME: Camden

Rolling, curving roads cut between the Atlantic coastline and the hills that rise out of ...
Point of View

Only 48 Hours of Outrage?

We are living in this completely insane time where we split our time between the ...