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Fashioning a Premonition

Back between the summers of 2000 and 2001, I worked in Boston, in one of the towers that attach to the Prudential Center and Copley Plaza. Back then, they had some pretty snazzy stores and, while I refused to spend a week’s paycheck on a purse, I still enjoyed reading the occasional VOGUE magazine (among others).

It’s been a long time, so quite a few memories are fuzzy. What I will never forget though, is going through a fashion magazine as I walked the stretch of mall, smacking my hand on the magazine. I practically shouted at my friend that the fashion world was preparing us (the US anyway) for war. I would say a solid quarter of the clothing ads were of military style clothing: mini-skirt suits made to look like Dress Blues, camouflage tank tops, sequin army boots and more. Fashion was normalizing the military, preparing our psyches for battle (I don’t mean they did so with malicious intent – just channeling the energy of the universe, I guess).

Sadly, it was not long after that 9/11 happened and we were, in fact, at war. We have stayed there ever since. The fashion world no longer needs to prepare us; we live it.

Fast forward to today. I could not possibly live in a more different world from big city so I haven’t been keeping up with fashion lately, but I managed to see the Calvin Klein 2018 ad on Twitter. Normally, I don’t look at ads, but today I did.

I wish I hadn’t. I remembered the magazines in 2001 and had the most horrendous premonition. I looked at the image of a young woman, looking like she was wearing a nightgown from the Civil War era. Then I saw the image of a man in front of a barn, very reminiscent of a gunslinger in the Old and Wild West.

My first thought was, what is this Hell we are being prepared for now?

The full CK/Andy Warhol section is terrifying in this light*: knives, car crashes, ambulance disasters and more depicted on clothes. Ones that are actually for sale.

So it looks like we are putting our money down for a nightmare of epic (and possibly apocalyptic) proportions, if you can use a clothing line as fortune teller.

*I feel I must state that I am no fashionista and I have ZERO issue with Calvin Klein’s clothing in general.


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