Daily Prompt


The wind blew slightly less cold today than yesterday. The sun’s rays beamed down to greet the snow-kissed peaks of the mountain and whispered, I insist.

The newly melted snow slid down to greet its fellow travelers and laid upon the thinning sheets of ice, slightly warmer than barely frozen, gurgling I insist.

The last vestiges of razor-thin frost smoothed and poured over, toppling down the hill. Move aside, they clamored, knocking back the debris scattered across the forest floor, I insist.

And as each growing brook danced into one another, they merged into something greater than just themselves. After you… I insist.

With miniature whitecaps, the streams continued down, slapping rocks and fallen branches aside as they rushed through, gushing, I insist.

The streams became rivers, following the crevices that they have forged across the years, shouting as they barrel over the edge, I will wear you down if you remain, so move! I insist.

In the giant pools below, the raging waters churn at the edge of an otherwise still pond and the air whispers, Be still… I insist.

Take in the calm after so much, breathe deep and rest awhile before continuing out to sea.

I insist.

We are the beaten down, abused, angry, marginalized, and mistreated. Like the brooks, we are learning to dance together to form streams and rivers and we are coming for you.

It is past time to be rid of the predators and bigots, racists and misogynists, that are so undeserving of our trust or respect. Your oaths mean nothing. You protect only your own interests.

It’s time for you to be gone. We insist.



****Some words conjure intense emotions simply by being spoken or read. For me, today’s word prompt certainly does. To me, it is a violent, pushy, bully of a word masquerading as something polite and gentile. Spoken with barely veiled threat and often through gritted teeth, I insist is condescending at best and gleefully bloodthirsty at worst. I wrote the above to see if I can either change that feeling for myself and for you, my dear reader, or if history has sat too heavy on it for the taste of it on the tip of my brain to be any different.

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