Daily Prompt


I would like to simplify my life. It should be easy, right, considering that the word itself means “to make more simple”? But irony is not dead. And there is a real struggle on the journey to simplifying one’s life.

The first (and probably easiest) part should be to get rid of things that you do not actually need. If you are like me, this is where the trouble starts. Some things, sure, toss that in the box for donation. Cake! And speaking of cake, just how many cake pans, cookie sheets, and bread pans does one really need?

I go through my cupboards and realize that I do actually use each of these items.

I go through my closet and think, I don’t wear that now, but what if I get a different job?

Is the space I will free up worth more than the cost to replace an item should I need it later?

I go through old books and, even though I am unlikely to read them again, I look at each one and remember who I was when I did read it last.

I go through cards and letters and photos and kindergarten finger paintings and know that I do not need them, but they bring me joy. I would need to be sure that they need to go, because my Oma cannot send me postcards from her grave, not even illegible ones. And they were always illegible.

So as much as I would love to simplify my life, it will not be today. Memories take far longer to sort through than old skirts.

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