Jamie Lou Who?

I am a lot of different versions of myself. One of the first things I remember doing for my Sociology 101 class, was to make this crazy diagram of all of the different roles I play in life. Who I am will change, depending on who you are asking and how I prioritize.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a colleague, a writer, a person who loves to cook and bake (but only when I don’t actually have to), and more. I hope to someday be a successful writer, a better friend, a more involved human being who has both the time and the finances to do more for the planet and the people on it.

At the base, we are all human (I think) and many of the things I hope and plan to write about will be relatable on some level. Maybe you aren’t a mom, but you’ve seen your sister go through something similar; maybe you, too, have tried to make jam and bread and been thrilled to succeed; or maybe you just find it highly entertaining to read about these things so you stick around for more.

I’m trying to be the best version of myself as I enter my 40’s. I have a husband who is my best cheerleader, a child who is old enough to not require my attention 24/7, and friends and family who have been telling me for years that I can do this. So I’m going for it. I will finally put myself out there, in writing, as I’ve been wanting to for over a decade. I’m doing it for myself first, but I do truly hope that you enjoy the ride.

~Jamie Lou (that’s) Who.

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