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Welcome to the Parent's Corner

This isn’t actually a space for children themselves to visit online, but rather the adults in their lives. I, too, am a parent overwhelmed by a child who would willingly cast aside all tangible items for Minecraft, Netflix, YouTube and all other things electronic.

Gone are the days of children curled up on a cold winter’s night with a book or sat around a table playing games you actually have to move pieces around a physical board to play… or are they?

There are hundreds and thousands of books and games out there for children and families to read and play – and they will thoroughly enjoy themselves if you give them the opportunity. I know that it can be a struggle, especially if you have a child who doesn’t really think they like to read. I have found, though, that sometimes it is just a question of what they happen to be reading.

For example, even though I find it difficult to comprehend why, Mr. A has ZERO inclination to read the Harry Potter series (I’m sorry, Ms. Rowling). I used to think that maybe it’s the fact that most of them are hardback copies and they seem ginormous and scary. But now I know that’s probably not the reason, since he has read 8 of the 10 Percy Jackson books. I think the problem is that he has seen several of the films and decided they aren’t his particular flavor (again, mind-blowing, but anyhoo…).

The reason that I’ve drawn that conclusion is that it took him longer to read the first two books in the Percy Jackson series as it did the following six books because he had seen those movies and thought he knew what to expect. I finally convinced him that they would become different and he would enjoy them more. They did, and he did, so he kept reading. He even asked Santa to bring him books in the other series by Rick Riordan.

So, I started reading all of the books that he is assigned to read at school, as well as the books that he has for home reading, so that we can have conversations about them. I have to add here that I am an avid reader and would happily chuck our television out if I had to, in order to keep our books, so that may be easier for me than it is for some. In that vein, I will be writing bits on some books that may capture your child’s interest – and yours, for that matter.

The other major item in this section will be about family games, how to play them; and why you may want to invest in them – time constraints, how much fun they are, and so on.

This is a work in progress so there may be the occasional random “I found this fun thing to do on Pinterest” piece or whatever. Please add a comment mentioning great books or games that I should check out or review! I would love to hear from you 🙂


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