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A Dangerous Practice

Fact: By definition, a fact is a truth: “something that has actual existence” or “a ...
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How typical to be atypical

Typical Typical is relative. Typical is based on multiple assumptions. Typical, assumes that you are ...
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Fashioning a Premonition

Back between the summers of 2000 and 2001, I worked in Boston, in one of ...
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Suspiciously short

Suspicious, she suspends stealthy spyware, secretly scouting someone’s secret spaces. So? She said. Suspicious
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Lecture for a Lecher

Please, mister, stop peering at my crossed legs. I can see you watching me through ...
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The middle of a story, conjured

The water in the deep cave rippled, tiny distortions on its surface that no one ...
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Keanu Reeves is Johnny Mnemonic

I can’t stop thinking of Keanu Reeves and the future. I’m sure I’m supposed to ...
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I would like to simplify my life. It should be easy, right, considering that the ...